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"A recent health crisis was devastating to our family - but one of the bright parts of our experience was health insurance assistance by David Cain. His prompt and decisive action made a big difference to us, and you can't buy the kind of personal attention he provided. Thanks, David!"

Andy and Jeanine


"David is professional, knowledgeable and responsive to all of our insurance needs...you will not be disappointed in his work or the care he takes to work with each and every one of your employees.

"You will find him to be creative and resourceful in dealing with the multitude or requirements in the employee benefits arena. we have all enjoyed working with him."

Mark, San Diego Dentist


"We have been very happy with David's advice from day one. His creativity goes as far as drafting a letter from us to the carrier requesting a mid-cycle rate reduction that was successful in saving us 5% on our premium with Anthem Blue Cross. No previous broker EVER gave us the idea we could do that.

"His flexibility in visiting our two campuses accommodated our teachers' schedules and was beneficial in minimizing classroom interuptions. He even went to the home of one of our employees who was on maternity leave to assist her and her husband with open enrollment."

Kathy, School Administrator


"I was put in touch with David for help in obtaining health insurance. I'm self-employed, healthy, but had difficulty getting affordable coverage. I wanted to get an HSA plan, but wasn't having much luck. David was relentless! I got rejected twice, but again, David would NOT give up. He finally found a plan that was affordable and was an HSA plan to boot! If you want an agent who is 'on-your-side,' then David is the one. I'll never look for another agent as long as David is around. Thanks, David!"



"David I just wanted to say that I am inspired by your professionalism and commitment to the client. We don't see much of that from agents usually. Have a wonderful day!!"


"David, I wanted to thank you again for helping me with my tire yesterday. I am sure it would have taken me some time to figure out if you had not come to my aid. It is a nice feeling to know that there are still good people in the world who will go out of their way to help someone else. I will certainly remember your generosity towards me the next time I come across someone in need of my help.

"I got my tire patched up this morning, and it is as good as new. Thank you yet again, and I apologize for making you late for your meeting."

Kevin Milinkevich