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Preparing for your LIFE INSURANCE telephone interview

It is important to have the following available at your fingertips in order to expedite the process:

  1. Drivers license number and state of issue
  2. Name and address of your personal physician
  3. Name and address of any other physician, psychiatrist or other licensed practitioners you've visited within the last 10 years
  4. Dates and reason for treatments
  5. Current prescription medicine(s), dosage, and frequency
  6. If you have any existing life insurance: company name, amount of coverage, year of issue, and applicable beneficiary and policy number

Personal finances:

  1. Assets: including residential property, stocks & bonds/investments, personal effects/savings)
  2. Liabilities: including mortgage on residence, credit debit, student loan debt, other debts
  3. Earned income
  4. Unearned income: including any dividends, rental income, and/or other income not derived from work (this can be a rough number)
  5. If coverage is for business purposes (i.e. business continuation, keyman, employee incentive), business finances:
  6. Total Assets & Liabilities
  7. Net profit after taxes for past two years
  8. How long the business has been established
  9. Percentage of ownership
  10. Has the business ever filed for bankruptcy?